Anonymous E-Mail


During your daily travels in life, invariably, you will run across someone that will aggravate you, or maybe even piss you off.

Fear Not…..We are here to help !!

Triumph over those that insult you!! can be your revenge. Allow us to provide for you, the payback you so richly deserve. It will help you sleep better, and realize that you are not helpless when you get poor service, a traffic ticket, a bad grade, or something even as trivial as “Mom making you clean your room”. Whether it is serious or a practical joke, we can help either way.

Upon purchase of e-mail, just provide us with a brief description of your specific situation and the recipients e-mail in the “optional notes” box provided by Paypal, and you will be on your way to a better life. Well, maybe not better, but certainly more enjoyable for you. If there isn’t enough room in the box, then, send us an e-mail at ( describing the situation, and we will handle it from there.

You will be satisfied knowing “someone” received an insulting e-mail, and they will never, ever know who it was from…heh heh heh.

Only $3.99 per EMAIL