Have you ever wanted to say something to someone without them knowing you said it?

Well, now you can! Here at, we will send an insult to anyone you want with no worries of them finding out it is from you.

High School and College kids!! Are you getting sick of your parents telling you to make your bed, or clean your room? Maybe a teacher or professor needs to quit being so uptight. Can't tell them how you really feel from the fear of not having a place to live, or possibly hurting your grade?

Employees!! Are you being pushed too hard by your boss or supervisor? You can have us send a nice little note to them letting them know they need to lighten up.

Want to play a practicle joke on a friend or family member? We can do it for you!!

Want to let them down easy? Is it time to go seperate ways? We can tell her/him for you so you dont have to be there to see thier face.

Custom insults are also available upon request... Just give us some basic info and we'll take it from there!